Media & Convergence

The transition from offline to online has transformed media into the global landscape as we know it today. Content and revenue streams are rapidly moving to new platforms – along with consumer behavior.

Leaders For What’s Next is our core value proposition. Delivering the Executive talents best equipped to take our clients through business-critical transition - across the media landscape:

E-commerce & M-commerce


Broadcasters face the same transformations as the forces that altered the face of the music industry. Traditional flow TV is under pressure due to shifts in consumer behavior. New online and mobile platforms are providing VOD. Streaming and OTT are being introduced at breakneck speed. Now, broadcasters must transform their business models in order to secure future revenue.

Amrop has been and will be a valued partner for our clients on this journey.

e-commerce & m-commerce

The digital internet revolution has transformed consumer behavior for good. E-commerce and online shopping are affecting all companies across all industries. Our clients must redefine their market strategy to adapt to online consumer demands and maximize every opportunity to minimize costs. As technological devices improve, mobile commerce will drive several consumer segments.

For over ten years, Amrop has placed digital executives with the passion and expertise to build sustainable e- and m-commerce businesses.


The entertainment industry has vast potential. Online gaming, betting, dating and the creation of new communities for existing and new content are driving new revenue streams. Executives operating within the latest business models have a distinct set of competences - and the demand for innovation and execution is critical for success.

Amrop knows these leaders and has the forward-looking ability to assess the leadership teams of the future for our clients.


The publishing industry as we once knew it is no more. The shift from print to online has been a radical and sometimes painful one. Traditional revenue streams have fundamentally changed course, and our clients have to transform their businesses.

Amrop Partners understand the new technology platforms and consumers’ need for relevant content at their fingertips. At global level, we assist our clients in finding the leaders who can manage this complexity and drive profitability.

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