“It gets great people to put great ideas in practice”. People that work at 2GET like challenges and are always looking for improvement. We want to make a difference in the Executive R&S market.
2 GET is made by people that believe, respect, value and mind our clients, candidates, suppliers and employees. Close relationship and commitment to high quality patterns are our guidelines in all interfaces.

Disciplined Execution

2GET does not believe in super star complex nor in heroes. Our moto is hard work, focus and discipline in the development of our projects. We value individual talents, as long as they can be models and add relevance to our organization; our ultimate goal is to surprise and delight our clients in all interactions.


Informality is essential in our modus operandi. We will not consider our work done till we find the right person at the right time. This is the most important and nothing shall take our attention away from it. Informality is always present in our work and our relationships. We consider Informality, quality and consistency in work to be 2GET competitive advantages.


Truth hurts but it makes us grow. However difficult it may be to be transparent, mainly at the beginning, it makes any relationship grow. So we take transparency as indispensable with all professionals in all processes. Similarly we try to work with our clients the same way when we look for feedbacks about our partnership. We do appreciate criticism and suggestions for they take us to constant improvement in our internal proceedings.

Focus on results

Our main goal is to be evaluated by clients and candidates as the most innovative and efficient Executive search firm in Brazil. In addition, we seek the best effectiveness in our processes. Therefore, we continuously establish criteria and patterns of excellence in our daily activities, as well as steady investments in our operation.