The Dream

We have a dream. We want to be the first choice for family companies, investment funds and entrepreneurs for all matters/solutions related to personnel management (in their companies/firms).


It is very simple. To have owners – and be able to help them in their needs – is the most challenging and fulfilling work ever. It is the entrepreneurs that change the country. We also think that these companies are the perfect settings for organizational changes, for new methods and inspiring leaders, creators of new business corporations and last but not least for the “unique”. These clients are HIGHLY DEMANDING and we do like challenges! Rational use of technology, new ways of analyzing data and modern tools have helped committed professional talents build this dream. We constantly invest in innovative solutions. Everyone in 2GET shares the same dream, has the same goal and, most of all, we work passionately to make our dream come true! In 2015 we successfully delivered 200 national projects, 80% of them in direct contact with company owners, either family companies or investment funds undertakings. The other projects had the same DNA and were designed for multinational corporations/groups.


We believe that companies are in fact a group of people. If everyone has the same ideal, the same way of thinking, a positive attitude and is equally determined to permanent improvement, the companies will be better. And everybody will be positively impacted. Our job is to make people’s lives better and to help transforming companies. It is a privilege to have this kind of impact in the society. That is why at 2GET, there is no room for careless, weak people who say “It is not my business, I have nothing to do with this” because we do embrace our client´s needs.

We search and help people improve their skills. We keep the most talented with us. We like people that are always fighting for a better world, people that are eager to learn, people that work hard, people that value effort and commitment, people that like to work with other people and to be part of a team.

We like people that are aware of what they want, people that are open to new possibilities. We like openminded people that know they are responsible for the fulfilment of their own dreams. Are you interested in working with us? To get in touch just click here